Satyam Sankaramanchi

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Satyam Sankaramanchi
Satyam Sankaramanchi
Bornశంకరమంచి సత్యం
(1937-03-03)3 March 1937
Amaravathi village, Guntur district
Notable worksAmarāvati Kathalu, Ākhari Prēmalēkha

Satyam Sankaramanchi (3 March 1937 – 1987) was a storyteller, born in the village of Amaravati near Guntur City, in Andhra Pradesh, India. The stories he told wove a whole new world around the tiny village of Amaravati.

Amaravati Kathalu is regarded by Mullapudi as one of the best short story series in Telugu.[citation needed] P. S. Murthy[1] mentions that Amaravati Kathalu is one of the best volumes of short stories in Telugu.[2] D. Anjaneylu mentions that it is a notable work.[3]

His short story "The Flood" has been translated into English.[4] Some of his stories were also televised by the movie maker Shyam Benegal as a series called Amravathi Ki Kathayen.[5]

Selected works[edit]


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