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Dr. Harvey Einbinder (June 18, 1926 – January 30, 2013) was an American physicist, author and amateur historian.

Early life[edit]

Einbinder was born to Jacob B. Einbinder and Dora (née Abelson) in New Haven, Connecticut.[1] He had one brother David, and one sister Hinde.[2]


Einbinder studied for two years at the University of Connecticut (UConn), at first physics but then mathematics in which he received a degree with "highest distinction" in 1946.[3] He later received his Ph.D. in Physics from Columbia University.


He became a consultant to the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory and to General Electric on the Atlas missile. He published papers on hypersonic aerodynamics and the ionization of solid particles.[3]

Encyclopædia Britannica[edit]

Einbinder spent five years combing the Encyclopædia Britannica for flaws, and found enough to fill a 390-page book, called The Myth of the Britannica, published by Grove Press in 1964.[4] As summarized by The Age two years later, Einbinder's book "showed beyond argument that the Britannica was not a completely impartial and absolutely infallible work of general reference; that 666 articles in the 1963 edition were reprinted from editions dating back to 1875 in some cases; that American influence on its editorial policy had become dominant".[5]

Einbinder at one point also disputed the historical accuracy of the Black Hole of Calcutta account. Among his other publications are An American Genius: Frank Lloyd Wright, and the play Mah Name is Lyndon.

Private life[edit]

Harvey Einbinder was married to Florence Einbinder, who predeceased him. He died on January 30, 2013 at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City.[2]


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