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Isn't Rama also the demon that seduces people from acquiring nirvana. (Budhist) ??

No, it's 'Mara'.  :) Jakris 12:45 4 Mar 05 UTC.
Cool. My next (well, first) novel will have twin sisters named Maya and Mara Samsara. [grin]
--Jerzyt 20:30, 2005 August 18 (UTC)


Note Well: Don't add a Dab entry on a topic until it has at least a mention in a WP article. Unless it is the subject of an article, lk only to the article with the mention (rather than creating a red lk). See Dab MoS).

These senses don't even have a mention in a stub. They need to find a better place than clogging a Dab, to advertise their (possible) article-worthiness via red lks.

  • Rama is a city in Nicaragua
  • .... Also, it is the name of a small region around the town of Prozor.

Here, for instance:

Rama, Nicaragua
Rama River
Rama, Herzegovina
--Jerzyt 20:30, 2005 August 18 (UTC)
Duchy of Rama
--Jerzyt 06:18, 2005 August 23 (UTC)

"Rama (disambiguation)" is not an Article but a Navigational Facility[edit]

A recent edit made Rama (disambiguation) significantly more informative abt the Rama, aka Sri Ramachandra and described as a king in India, at an indefinable time at the very least 2500 years ago, who was an incarnation of the god Vishnu.

Of course, that Rama is the subject of Rama, while Rama (disambiguation) is not an article about him, nor an article at all. It is a navigational mechanism for the aid of certain users looking for various articles on topics they might call "Rama". But to be more precise, not any such topic. Because of the fact of Rama (disambiguation) not being lk'd from any article except Rama, the users this page is supposed to help are almost exclusively those who

  1. Either type "Rama" in the "Go" box, or click on a lk (possibly piped) for Rama;
  2. Then encounter at the very top of that article this text (or a future variation on it): "This article is about a Hindu incarnation of God (i.e., Vishnu) and king of ancient India, for other meanings see Rama (disambiguation).";
  3. Then click on the lk at the end of that text bcz they are looking for a different Rama.

The exceptions are those who do 1 and 2, and then click on the same lk, but by mistake.

So the Dab page is almost entirely not about that Rama. And enhancing the Dab page's information on that Rama (beyond the meager hint that might be needed by those who clicked by mistake) is not only wasted effort, but clutter interfering with fulfilling the Dab's purpose for existing.

For that reason, the Wiktionary lk to "Rama" (solely about Ramachandra and solely a dictdef), and most of the additional substance added on that Rama in the edit cited, and some earlier information on that Rama put here mostly bcz i was confused by reading the lead 'graph in Rama, has been removed.

The 9 Thai kings have also been restored here, saving their readers a click that would do no one any good.
--Jerzyt 06:18, 2005 August 23 (UTC)

Changing text on Frederick Lenz to be less opinioned and stick with the facts. Changing, "Frederick Lenz, spiritual guru and alleged cult leader, called himself Rama" to "Frederick Lenz, a spiritual teacher who used Rama as his teaching name". Changing for several reasons:

  • the phrase "spiritual guru" is redundant, the word guru implies spiritual. Changing to spiritual teacher as this is less ambiguous in the English language than the word guru.
  • removing the word "alleged" that is an opinion. wiki focuses on encyclopedic content, not allegations, unless perhaps in a criticism section found in the article, not the disambiguation page.
  • clarifying that Frederick Lenz used the name Rama as a part of his spiritual teachings. In the workplace, business, and common day affairs, he used his given name, Dr. Frederick Lenz.

LibHead 19:02, 25 July 2006 (UTC)

Game Redundancy[edit]

The computer game RAMA is listed twice, under "Fiction" and then under "Misc." I'm leaving only the one under "Fiction" because of its relation to the novel.
-MisterStark 15:18, 28 July 2006 (UTC)