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But not for much longer: fuck with this site any longer and you will be history. //ReverseHack

What's the point? As you notice, we can easily revert all your changes. If you continue, we can also permanently ban you, both by IP address and username. We've done this a few times already -- you're not very original.--Eloquence 15:41 Nov 11, 2002 (UTC)

This all begs the question...what will we do about those who know how to change their IP? Lir 16:02 Nov 11, 2002 (UTC)

If necessary, a range of IPs can be banned temporarily. --Eloquence 16:04 Nov 11, 2002 (UTC)

Actually, in that case it's better just to not bother banning the IP, and let the person play for a little bit. They can't do any real harm. It's something like refusing to sell cigarettes to minors. As long as cigarettes are sold at all, it's impossible to prevent a truly determined thirteen year old from getting them. We certainly should make the effort to prevent them, but at some point you have to let them give themselves lung cancer.

Okay, it's not a very good analogy. Maybe a better analogy is getting into the engine room of the Heart of Gold in the Infocom version of HHGG. [Footnote 1]

Footnote 1: That's not a very good analogy either, is it?

Which reminds me, a really neat feature for sysops, or possibly a permission that a larger group than just sysops should have is to undo all changes by a particular user. The manual clean-up is a bit tedious and could easily be automated. Does any wiki have such a feature? --Eloquence 16:13 Nov 11, 2002 (UTC)

No. But it's something we could definitely do with. It wouldn't take a lot of code to sort either. user:sjc

Here's an example of his vandalism in citation. Why I was checking the Soviet Union page? Don't ask.[1] - Akbermamps

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