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Delete. Wikipedia is not a general information base. We have an article List of Sesame Street characters, which lists them alphabetically. This is exactly the same list, with the addition of one item of data (date of last appearance), and a different sort. How many different sorts of the same basic data are we going to have? Each separately, and manually maintained, and therefore out of sync. How about: by date of first appearance, by number of appearances, by total length in minutes of appearances, by color, by height, by name of voice actor who played them, etc, etc. It is stupid. If somebody wants to create an online database of muppets and their appearances, and let people query it in all manner of wondrous ways, he can do it. He can even put a link to it in the appropriate Wikipedia articles. But Wikipedia isn't that database. --BM 13:00, 15 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Don't be silly BM. Let me reiterate: the reason this article exists is because 1 in every 15 threads on Muppet Central's Sesame Street forums seems to be on this topic, or related. Newbie who don't care to search a cluttered forum flock to this info. There is no way anyone could have a list of "total length in minutes of appearances", or by number of appearances, you'd have to total 4100 episodes worth of info.