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Of course, the actual name in English for this manuscript among literary and art historians is 'Manesse Codex' or even "Manasseh Codex". This is not such a 'special' ms, by the way - most of the poems are separately preserved. This is just the one with pictures, which is why I have prints from it, but then I'm an art historian. I think some library in Switzerland owns it, now. MichaelTinkler

Posting here original names from the Codex Manesse, which have been removed from article.

Hartman von Ouwe (Aue) Heinrich von Morungen (Mohrungen) Henrik von Veldeke Kuonrat von Wuerzeburc (Konrad von Wuerzburg) Nithart von Reuental Reinmar von Hagenouwe (Hagenaue) Walther von der Vogelweide Wolfram von Eschenbach

Included in the codex are poems by emperor Henry VI, king Conrad, king Wenceslas of Bohemia (Wenzel von Behem), duke Henry of Bresslau (Heinrich von Presselau) Silesia, margrave Otto IV of Brandenburg and many more. user:H.J.